We are the “Hotels.com” of Healthcare.

iCrowd Newswire – Jun 17, 2019

PriceMDs.com is Where America Shops for HealthCare, We are the “Hotels.com” of Healthcare. PriceMDs.com has an EnterPrise HealthCare Solution for TPA’s that educates patients and allows them to shop for their HealthCare procedures and Services.

PriceMDs.com has three main focuses:
The Patient, the Healthcare Professional, and the Third Party Payer.

PriceMDs.com focus for the Patient:PriceMDs.com is truly “Where America Shops For Healthcare!”. PriceMDs.com is a free-to-the-patient, comparable, listing based search engine and an all-inclusive pricing look up directory. All local, national and international patients receive access to complete transparency for the total costs of any given healthcare procedure.

PriceMDs.com focus for the Healthcare Professional:We are a no risk, patent pending, healthcare technology, online search engine that connects patients with healthcare professionals and services, while restoring the doctor/patient relationship.

PriceMDs.com focus for the Third Party Payer: We are a high-tech efficient solution for enterprise customer service. We help reduce enterprise costs by providing access and choice cost alternatives and by reducing expenses for claims. This provides an enterprise with substantial overall reductions in administrative expenses.

PriceMDs.com has Three Platforms

Consumer Platform-PriceMDs.com’s consumer website is our flagship-platform. This 1.0 version of our website is mostly populated in the Tampa Bay area. We are launching 2.0 of the website January 1st 2016. We are running regional televisions advertising commercials currently, and soon national commercials. http://clients.shadowbox.tv/PriceMDs/Review/

Enterprise Platform-PriceMDs.com Enterprise solution can be individually tailored/white-labeled for TPA’s, Self-insured companies and Insurance companies. We have thousands of HealthCare Providers and Procedures Nationally populating this Platform. http://www.wireservice.co/2015/10/pricemds-com-launches-enterprise-healthcare-solution-for-tpas/

International Platform-PriceMDs.com International solution is used for both Enterprise and Consumer platforms to add alternatives and cost savings.


Chief Executive Officer

Marc Grossman MD

Marc Grossman co-founded PriceMDs.com in May of 2013 and currently serves as its Chairman & CEO after a long and successful career as a Surgeon/Entrepreneur. Dr. Grossman is a graduate of Albert Einstein School of Medicine class of 1975, Dr. Grossman is a Fellow of the American College of Surgery and achieved Board Certification in 1980. He retired in the practice of surgery in 2007. Dr. Grossman has been a hospital owner and operator. He has co-founded a now publicly traded company for delivery of biologic materials.

Contact Information

Marc Grossman MD

About PriceMDs.com: PriceMDs.com is a free search engine for elective healthcare procedures and services. PriceMDs.com, Inc. through its proprietary website and patent pending search engine provides patients comprehensive price discovery for outpatient surgery, cosmetic surgery, GI Lab, LASIK, Dental implants, Med-Spa, MRI/CT Scan, Chiropractic, and a host of other medical procedures, as well as International medical services particularly for inpatient procedures that are cost competitive and compatible with US standards. The Company PriceMDs.com is currently located in Tampa, Florida and the company’s website is priceMDs.com

PriceMDs.com Contact:
Nick Tsolakakis

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