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LET US SHOW YOU THE POWER OF DIRECT CONTRACTING! is a healthcare insurance technology company that offers Surgery, Treatment & Worker's Comp. benefit management solutions for self-insured insurance plans and their beneficiaries...

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Surgery Cost

Our Surgery Cost Containment as a Benefit™ Solution is backed by a unique, proprietary technology platform that easily integrates with existing insurance plans. It enables private and public sector entities, including employers with self-insured healthcare plans and their employees to identify qualified physicians throughout the United States who have already agreed to offer all-inclusive, low-cost bundled prices for more than 400 outpatient elective surgical procedures.

Treatment Cost

PriceMDs has launched a smart new Treatment Cost Containment as a Benefit™ Solution for individual employees and plan members suffering from some of the most expensive chronic conditions. We offer all-inclusive treatment  solutions that reduce the total cost to employers, patients and plans by up to 70%. PriceMDs has launched more than 140 major drugs to cover: Hemophilia, Von Willebrand disease & related bleeding disorders, Cystic Fibrosis, Crohn's, Psoriasis, Colitis, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Oncology and more.

Worker's Comp
Cost Containment

Worker's Comp  Cost Containment as a Benefit™ Solution offers all-inclusive, low-cost bundled prices for more than 100 outpatient elective surgical procedures. Our extensive healthcare provider network is currently comprised of more than 1,400 outpatient surgical centers complemented by thousands of physicians located in more than 46 states and growing. We offer pricing 80% lower than current workers-comp rates.

Our National footprint of Doctors & Facilities provides complete coverage for self insured plans and spans 46 States with over 1,400 Surgery Centers and more than 14,000 Surgeons

                                        PRICEMDS IS A WIN-WIN FOR EVERYONE!                

Plan Sponsors

Healthcare plan sponsors benefit from significantly lower overall healthcare costs. For many high cost outpatient surgical procedures, these savings can amount to tens of thousands of dollars per procedure. Further benefits to plan sponsors include calculated out-of-pocket cost for insured pre-procedures, ease of access and simplified seamless claims processing. 

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Plan Members

Healthcare plan members benefit from lower out-of-pocket costs, as well as access to valuable information about the healthcare provider and respective offered procedures. For certain high cost outpatient surgical procedures, the selection of a Value Care provider may allow the healthcare plan administrator to waive all or part of a beneficiary's plan deductible.

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PriceMDs' network consists of more than 1,400 outpatient surgical centers in 46 states including over 4,100 imaging centers. The participating physicians offer negotiated, all-inclusive bundled prices for their procedures at prices that represent savings, typically between 25%-50% and as high as 75% compared to prices currently paid by major health plans.

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Once in place, our Surgery Cost Containment Solution immediately enables private and public entities, especially employers with self-insured plans and their valued employees, to easily identify and optionally select from over 12,000 qualified physicians and over 1,000 healthcare facilities throughout the United States...

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Our Partners

Listed below are some of our current clients and providers. Our  network consists of more than 1,100 outpatient surgical centers (and other facilities) in 44 states throughout the U.S.  and growing!

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