Cost reduction in healthcare is what we do best

Companies that self-fund their healthcare plans are feeling the pain.


Self-insured companies are growing.

Healthcare plans are seen as a valuable benefit by the employees. The ever increasing cost has a major impact on a company’s bottom line.

The number of companies with partially or completely self-insured plans is growing.

Number of employees in self-insured companies.

2000 48.3%
2018 58.7%

High healthcare costs continue to rise.

Companies implement a variety of "cost containment strategies" to hold down costs.

Generally, cost-containment strategies involve narrowing choices, or offloading increased costs to either plan members or service providers, both of whom are reluctant participants in the process.

Result; the problem of high healthcare costs does not get solved and plan costs continue to increase, forcing administrators to implement the strategy of last resort: passing the costs to the employees.


PriceMDs offers two solutions that drive significant savings.

We’ve learned to do one thing very well: To provide a mutually beneficial link between providers of high-cost services, and the self-funded plans who pay for them – in a way that is cost-efficient, dependable, convenient, and hassle free.

NearCare™ Cost Containment

Treatment Cost Containment

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