About PriceMDs

Empowering enterprise with unique bundled pricing and cost containment solutions for employers and employees.


Our Philosophy

PriceMDs is a rapidly growing enterprise-facing solutions provider with unique proprietary bundled pricing solutions that empowers and benefits employer groups as well as their valued employees.

Our Surgery Cost Management Solution and our Treatment Cost Management Solution are smart, unique and cost-effective tools that enable health plans, employers and employees to benefit from very significant savings and enjoy much greater provider choice and access for their valued employees and their families.

We use bolt on solutions to save your company and your employees money without separating your current relationships with your TPA’s, PBM’s, Brokers, Insurance Partners, or Stop Loss Vendors. PriceMDs does all the work, with our dedicated team of Registered Nurses and Healthcare Support Staff.

Our Solutions

PriceMDs has built a team of US-trained and US Board Certified medical specialists and registered nurses. The PriceMDs team provides cost-containment solutions in surgical procedures and pharmaceutical treatments for self-insured employers every year.

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