Acrometis and PriceMDs Partner to Bring Surgery Cost Containment to Market

MALVERN, Pa.-(BUSINESS WIRE) – April 10, 2018 06:00 AM Eastern Daylight Time – Acrometis is pleased to announce their partnership with PriceMDs as they enter the workers’ compensation space with their Surgery Cost Containment product. The partnership will allow workers’ compensation payers and third-party administrators to significantly reduce surgical costs by utilizing a vast directory of surgeons and surgical centers to perform procedures at a pre-determined bundled rate.

The National Directory of Ambulatory Surgery Centers comprises over 1,000 establishments, 10,000 surgeons and 100 outpatient surgical procedures for workers’ comp. The directory accepts an all-inclusive bundled rate including pre-operative visits, professional, facility, implant, imaging and pharmacy fees. The result is that payers receive a deep discount on common workers’ compensation elective surgical procedures.

“PriceMDs is excited to partner with Acrometis, bringing cost efficient bundled pricing to the worker’s comp space,” said Dr. Marc Grossman, Founder and CEO of PriceMDs.

Acrometis and PriceMDs apply the negotiated bundled rate to associated bills, and payers have a transparent view of exactly how much value the rate is providing.

About Acrometis: Acrometis is a leader in workers’ compensation claims processing platforms, founded with the simple yet powerful mission of reducing the cost of risk for our clients. Our family of rules-based, expert claims processing platforms improves claims operations and leads to maximized cost savings, efficiency, and productivity gains over the life cycle of a claim- with no upfront capital costs.

About is a free search engine for elective healthcare procedures and services., Inc. through its proprietary website and patent pending search engine provides patients comprehensive price discovery for outpatient surgery, cosmetic surgery, GI Lab, LASIK, Dental implants, Med-Spa, MRI/CT Scan, Chiropractic, and a host of other medical procedures, as well as International medical services particularly for inpatient procedures that are cost competitive and compatible with US standards. The Company is currently located in Tampa, Florida and the company’s website is Contact:
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