Reducing healthcare costs and improving outcomes

For self-insured plans and their members.


The solution to high healthcare costs.

For decades, companies with self-insured healthcare plans have been fighting a losing battle against rising healthcare costs. Despite efforts at cost containment, plan premiums and deductibles continue to increase while, in many cases, benefits become narrower.

These are our people and we can help them!


Lowering costs for employers.

PriceMDs offers win-win healthcare solutions that significantly lower costs to the self-insured employer market.

Self-insured employers bear the burden of rising healthcare costs, despite employees considering these plans as valuable benefits.

Our Solutions


NearCare™ Cost Containment

Our NearCare™ Cost Containment Solution is backed by a unique, proprietary technology platform with no disruption to any existing insurance plans. It enables companies, public entities, and unions with self-insured healthcare plans and their employees to have choice and access to qualified surgeons and imaging centers throughout the United States offering all-inclusive and low-cost bundled prices for more than 400 outpatient elective surgical procedures.


PriceMDs reduces the cost by an average of 50%. It simplifies the administration of elective surgery with improved outcomes in 48 states.


Our imaging partners operate across the U.S. with a directory of over 3,000 imaging centers with access to high quality affordable diagnostic imaging.

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Certified Surgeons
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Bundled Procedures
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Τreatment Cost Containment

The Treatment Cost Containment Program provides a zero cost and a zero risk solution for employers, with no disruption of their existing plan or relationships. The result is immediate savings. PriceMDs has built a team of US and International Physicians that are US trained and US Board Certified. PriceMDs touches 1%-2% of plan members who account for 50% of total pharmaceutical cost.


You will receive a second opinion from a highly trained physician through a telehealth conference. We use a specialty pharmaceutical concierge service with a team of doctors and registered nurses to deliver a 90-day supply of your medication directly to your home!


Our travel program is an all-inclusive solution where members will travel to our participating international medical facilities to pick up their medication.


not available with all plans

Lowering Healthcare Expenses

Brokers & Agents

PriceMDs offers cost containment solutions that help your clients reduce their spend in elective surgeries, imaging procedures, and very expensive specialty medications. We specialize in providing optimal cost containment strategies that are least disruptive to your clients and their plan members by offering greater options, better client service support, and highly trained RNs.


Surrgery and Imaging centers join our platform to be part of our nation-wide directory. Some of the benefits would include; setting your own price and providing patients with additional facility choices, receiving additional patient referrals, benefiting from the high level of support from our dedicated RNs and care coordinators, and receiving payment within 10 business days.


Reduce the cost of healthcare almost 50% by providing your employees with choice and access to excellent centers for elective surgery or imaging services. Through our fully regulatory compliant treatment program, save an additional 30% by offerring the exact same, brand name specialty medication to your workforce.  Just ask us and we will provide all-inclusive price quote for you to compare. 

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