Increased Worker's Compensation rates for Employers are often driven by high cost surgical procedures. State law dictates provider reimbursement in most states.

This Cost Containment Solution is marketed exclusively to worker's compensation health plans. PriceMDs charges such worker's comp healthcare plans a fee on a per procedure basis only.

There are many states where Employers/Payers can direct care to select Providers. PriceMDs provides a comprehensive price discovery platform through its proprietary website and a patent pending search engine which is accessible to Case Managers before a procedure. PriceMDs “All In” rates compete with state law reimbursement and are significantly less than the charges paid in states with no fee schedule. Our price includes Surgeons preliminary and post procedure visit, facility charges, implants, imaging and pharmacy fees.

PriceMDs has built a network of Surgeons and ASCs in 46 states and continuously expands and grows as necessary. Our network currently has over 1,400 Ambulatory Surgical Centers and 14,000 plus quality Surgeons offering over 400 outpatient surgical procedures at discounted, bundled rates. Providers have all been pre-approved by various TPAs with their all-inclusive pricing and they have been seamlessly white-level-integrated by PriceMDs into current TPA platforms.