PriceMDs’ Prime Telemedicine Solutions offers an alternative to members/patients from a traditional visit to the medical specialist.

This Cost Containment Solution is marketed exclusively to self-insured health plans. PriceMDs RNs work with members and patients to facilitate medical consultations via live Zoom conference. Today telemedicine is changing faster than ever before. As technology advances exponentially, so does the affordability and accessibility to basic telemedicine tools. For example, not only do we presently have the technology for live video telemedicine, but much of the U.S. population has experience using online video-chat apps (like Zoom) with access via a computer or mobile device.

Telemedicine was originally created as a way to treat and diagnosis patients who were located in remote places, far away from health facilities or in areas of with shortages of medical professionals especially specialists. While telemedicine is still used today to address these problems, it’s increasingly becoming a tool for convenient and safe medical care. Today’s connected patient wants to waste less time in the doctor’s waiting room possibly exposed to an infectious virus. Patients want and increasingly demand immediate care for minor but urgent conditions.

PriceMDs has built a team of International Medical Specialists that are US trained and US Board Certified. The PriceMDs team currently accesses pharmaceutical treatment for 1,000’s of patients every year.