Plan Sponsors & TPAs

Our initial product offering is our Surgery Cost Containment Tool. This tool is a white label, customizable solution which is being marketed primarily to Third Party Administrators (TPAs) who manage self-insured plans on behalf of Enterprises.

Healthcare plan sponsors benefit from significantly lower overall healthcare costs. For many high cost outpatient surgical procedures, these savings can amount to tens of thousands of dollars per procedure when performed by specially designated Value Care providers. Further benefits to plan sponsors include easily referenced, stated pricing, calculated out-of-pocket cost for insured pre-procedures (if any); ease of access; and simplified seamless claims processing.

The principle value proposition of PriceMDs to a TPA or any self-insured Enterprise is the ability of the healthcare plan to significantly reduce its overall healthcare costs by reducing the per procedure cost of certain high cost outpatient surgical procedures.

Once in place, our Surgery Cost Containment Solution immediately enables private and public entities, especially employers with self-insured plans and their valued employees, to easily identify and optionally select from over 12,000 qualified physicians and over 1,000 healthcare facilities throughout the United States...

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"Our  proprietary technology platform enables corporations, governmental entities unions and other enterprises to significantly reduce the cost of outpatient surgical procedures."