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Detailed interactive profiles, patient reviews, an intuitive booking system and transparent pricing make the ultimate resource for finding your next doctor or procedure. Brings Full Medical Transparency Directly to you!

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Our multi-patent pending search engine provides you with all the resources to connect you with Top Quality Healthcare Professionals both domestically and internationaly.From our detailed interactive doctor profiles, intuitive search engine, patient reviews, and easy to use bookg system... PriceMDs provides the ultimate resource for your healthcare needs.

It's always free to the patient and backed by our 100% total satisfaction guarantee.

We’re the Ultimate Tool to Combat Sky Rocketing Medical Costs

PriceMDs works directly with our healthcare professionals to offer a low cost, transparent alternative to your healthcare plan. With PriceMDs, you know exactly how much your spending the second you confirm your booking.

Schedule Around Your Time

We make it easy for you to schedule around your time. Choose between days, hours, distance, and much more when scheduling or searching for your appointment.

Compare Doctors Around You

Choosing a doctor has never been easier. From extensive user reviews to our own in house verification process... We provide you with all the tools necessary to make the right choice for you.

Financial Assistance That Works With You

PriceMDs has partnered with the largest lending groups in the country to offer you flexible financing for your procedure at an easy, convenient rate.

When my family needs healthcare... I go to It's fast, easy, and more importantly it's free. It truly is the worry free way to shop for healthcare.

For Doctors & Facilities is the missing link in healthcare delivery. It offers a new and unique healthcare experience to an undeserved financially viable patient population of 125 million and growing. is performance based advertising meaning you only pay us when a patient books an appointment with you. When you list your procedures and or services offered, all inclusive pricing and available locations on PriceMDs, we immediately connect you with your new patients. You pay us only when the patient completes their appointment.

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