PriceMDs can significantly reduce the health care costs for self-insured plans for a wide range of surgical procedures.

The best part is that the greatest savings that PriceMDs generates for employers and their employees comes from the most commonly performed, but very expensive elective surgical procedures that we refer to as ValueCare procedures. PriceMDs enables employers and employees to reduce the total cost of ValueCare procedures by an average of 50% – 80% while simultaneously benefiting employees and their families with significantly expanded provider choice and access to high quality healthcare. Employees also especially benefit from a full or partial elimination of their high healthcare deductibles and co-pays as an incentive when they select ValueCare providers.
The beneficiaries of these self-insured plans, most of which have high deductibles, also save money by electing to use PriceMDs’ directory as their health plans typically agree to waive part or all of their deductibles and/or provide other financial incentives to use PriceMDs’ directory.